Vibration test rig

Rotation machine vibration simulation table

Rotation machine vibration simulator table, the images of which can be seen in the following figures, is designed and manufactured to simulate various types of defects in rotating machines.
Vibration simulator table of rotating machines of Tarbiat Modares University
Tarbiat Modares University Rotating Machine Vibration Simulator Table (front view)

Important Features of Vibration Simulator Table

There are important points in the design of this table that distinguish it from other similar systems. These tips are as follows:
1) This table is a high speed table, so that the rotational speed of the rotating system can be changed up to 10000 rpm.
2) Ability to simulate various defects of rotating machines such as nomination, misalignment, various defects of bearings such as ball defects, inner ring, outer and shelf, shaft bending, mechanical wear, cracks and crack growth in the blades
3) Extremely easy to assemble and disassemble, so that even an undergraduate student can open and close the table components with the help of the manual
4) Modularity of the table due to the use of aluminum profiles and the possibility of simply adding new parts to the table
5) Lack of machining in the table shaft that allows various changes and shifts
6) No need for special tools for assembling parts (general tools of the workshop are enough)
7) Ability to determine and change the system speed with sufficient accuracy
8) The maximum system speed covers the first and second critical speeds
9) Possibility of loading the system in different periods
10) Ability to take data from vibrating signals as contact or non-contact