Modal Testing & Analysis

Introduction to Modal Analysis:

Experimental study of dynamic behavior of structures is the main goal in modal analysis. Although significant progress has been made in the development of analytical and numerical methods in the field of vibration, experimental measurements are in many cases irreplaceable.

modal analysis purposes:

1- measuring vibration specifications to find the response of the structure under actual operating conditions in various forces such as impact. These properties are:
- Natural frequencies of the structure
- Vibration shape modes
- Damping coefficient
2- Comparing the results obtained from the modal tests with the results obtained from finite element modeling, in order to validate and update the model (model updating)
3- Development of mathematical model based on modal test data.


Several equipment are required to perform modal testing.
- Contact Accelerometer sensors
- Non-contact (laser) velocity meter
- Hammer
- Shaker
- Analyzer

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