Vibratory Stress Relief

Vibratory stress relief (service and equipment sales)

Vibratory stress relief service (VSR):

Modares Vibration and Acoustics Technology Company is proud to be the first manufacturer of vibration stress relief device in Iran, which provides these services to all industrial centers inside and outside Iran. These services are performed by a native device made by the experts of this company and according to the existing standards. Some of the most important points in this operation are as follows:
* The vibratory stress relief device is portable, so services are provided at the client's workshop
* The time required for vibratory stress relief operations for structures less than 20 tons is about 2 to 3 hours.
* This operation is performed according to JBT5926-2005 standard
* VSR service is available in Iran and neighboring countries (western Asia and north Africa: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Palestine, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Algeria)
* Providing a three-dimensional model of the structure in STP or X_t format is required for pre-process analysis
* Factors determining the price of vibration de-stressing services: structure weight, structural complexity, distance from Tehran, software analysis, travel and equipment costs, fixture construction (if required)
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Sale of vibratory stress relief equipment:

Modares Vibration and Acoustics Technology Company is ready to sell this device based on the order of esteemed customers. This device consists of two parts, hardware and software, which are all designed and manufactured by the experts of this company. The important points in this regard are as follows:
* The power of the motor can be changed according to the structures desired by the customer
* The device sensor comes with a calibration certificate
* All parts of this device are provided with high quality.
* The instructions for performing the operation by the device along with the training video as well as the training of the experts introduced by the customer in the process of delivering the device
* The device has a warranty
Vibrator3phase, 1300 Watt, 0~6000 rpm, 30 KN
SensorAccelerometer, 3 Axis
Control Unit1300Watt, 220 V/50Hz (input)
SoftwareBstress 1.0
Software LanguageEnglish
Report2pages report with photos and curves
curvesDisplacement-time and displacement- frequency curves in 3 axis
CapacityUp to 50 Ton

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